printenergy have built up a broad expertise in the field of customized lighting systems within the last few years. As far as our experience goes both we and our manufacturing partners have been competitive in terms of price and quality concerning industrial requirements of LED in regard to service life, temperature fluctuations, colour spectra, voltage range, etc.
The know-how of printenergy may not only be explained by the fact that we develop the suitable light source but also construct the entire special lighting system. We cover anything starting from the suitable plug to the optimal installation option – in consideration of current standards.


  • Serial Production of highest quality by means of our cooperations and manufacturing partners.
  • Light colours, light spectra und light intensity can be freely selected.
  • On basis of copper, PET + aluminium, paper, etc. depending on application.
  • Flexible area and band module possible.
  • Highly suitable for special production regarding long service life, heat, and moisture resistance (IP67), etc.
  • Competitively priced in combination with a mechanic concept.
  • Dimmable, can be manufactured according a hundred percent.
  • One-Stop-Shop from development to serial production.
  • Applications as traffic lighting, advertising spaces, furniture sector, etc.